The PerthRadClinic Foundation is an operating philanthropic trust and welcomes your donations to support the growth of the Foundation.

Perth Radiological Clinic formed a charitable foundation in 2014 called PerthRadClinic Foundation shortened to PRC Foundation. The Foundation mission statement is:

Fostering improvement in social and healthcare outcomes for the Western Australian community by supporting innovation in medicine, health education, community programs, and staff participation in charitable activities.

Ultimately the aim of the PRC Foundation is to raise awareness and support, initially internally but eventually externally, for the many patients we service. Currently funding is sourced primarily from the contribution of PerthRadClinic Ltd (PRCL), with an annual grant of $100,000 committed for five years up to 2019. In addition, PRCL is committing administrative support for the foundation. We also have received tax deductible donations directly from staff; this has been either as a lump sum one off payment or by regular pay deductions.

Before the foundation can sponsor a charity, the fundamental criteria that any charity/research organisation must fit are:

– The charity must be a registered gift recipient (DRG).

– Mission statement consistent with objectives of the fund.

– Specific purpose identified for the funds which has clearly articulated objectives and a regular reporting program.

– Reasonable and prudent operating cost structures.

With a focus on innovation through medical research the PerthRadClinic Foundation is committed to raising funds and awareness for our state’s premier medical research facility the Harry Perkins Institute for Medical Research. Throughout the month of April the PRC Foundation and all our staff will be raising money for five of the Perkins research laboratories. These laboratories are involved in cutting edge research into diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer and neurogenetic disease.

Our purpose is raise the profile of this innovative facility as well as directing much needed funds to the coal face of medical research.

Your donation today will go directly to these research groups and their quest for a cure.

Help us to help them.